Cgroup Leadership


Recruit. Raise. Release.

  1. Membership
    Upon completion of the membership process, you will be eligible to serve in various forms of volunteer ministry. See O-info or visit for the next membership class.
  2. OCC U
    Hear from incredible speakers as you take the next step at OCC! What’s the vision and mission of OCC? Where do you fit? How do you activate your purpose? What does leadership look like for you? Please visit for the Thrive class schedule.
  3. Join a Cgroup
    Be actively involved in a Cgroup.
  4. Volunteer
    Serving is part of being in community. Your active participation at OCC fulfills the vision of the body of Christ. It’s important that we serve with integrity, skill and a heart for servanthood. We who are in places of responsibility in the church are to be examples in faith, conduct, and business affairs.
  5. Become a Cgroups Leader!
    Everyone's journey is different, and we love to have diverse leaders for different groups of people within our community. If you’re interested in leading a Cgroup, consider it in prayer and connect with us at

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Overcomer Covenant Church
33415 Military Rd South
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SUNDAYS  9:00 & 11:00AM

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P: (253) 886-5700

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