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Overcomer Internship is a program designed to equip you to fulfill your unique purpose by offering you training in practical and professional skills, developing discipline that affects your character, and releasing you into your calling. Our program incorporates hands-on ministry, classroom instruction, community outreach, small group accountability, and mentoring from our incredible leadership team. Interns will also have exclusive access to coaching sessions from our network of successful ministry leaders and high-level business executives from across the nation.


  • Embrace
  • Educate
  • Transform
  • Empower
  • Send


  • 11 Month program September - July
  • Full Time Students Ages 18 and up
  • Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm and all weekly services, church wide and departmental events
  • Employment: Mondays and Tuesdays are open for outside employment with prior approval from the internship leadership. We encourage the students to have a consistent part- time job but do not require it.


Overcomer Internship offers the opportunity to live in gender specific housing, helping to provide a true college experience. Overcomer Internship dorms give students the ability to learn what it is like to live on their own in a safe, controlled, family style environment. Dorms come furnished with beds and basic furniture and are significantly bigger than a standard college dorm room.
Overcomer Internship students have Resident Advisors who look after them throughout the year. Overcomer Internship provides a staff member to serve as a Resident Advisor that will be near and available to the interns if necessary. Resident Advisors provide support in many different areas for students throughout the year. Resident Advisors are invited to participate in community-based events with students.
Throughout the year Overcomer Internship will host and fund a variety of social events to create a community feel among our students and staff. These events typically occur once or twice a month and range from barbecues to movie nights and everything in between. Our internship staff will choose interns to lead and organize these events.


What is the process for people interested in the Internship Program?

  1. Fill out a request for more information.
  2. Be available for a phone interview.
  3. After passing the phone interview an application and reference form for the Internship will be mailed to the applicant.
  4. After the application and reference forms are reviewed and approved, an interview will be scheduled.

Can I work a job while I am an Overcomer Intern?
Yes, it is encouraged! While in the program you will have at least two days off per week to work a part time job.

Can I live at home and still be an Overcomer Intern?
While in the Overcomer Internship program it is required that you live in our housing on campus.

Can I be in a relationship while being in the Overcomer Internship?
Overcomer Interns are permitted to be in a healthy dating relationship while also being a part of the internship.

Does Overcomer Internship have age restrictions?
Overcomer Internship accepts students 18 and up.

How much does Overcomer Internship cost?
The cost for Overcomer Internship is $895 a month for a total of $9,845 a year. This charge covers the intern’s educational tuition, housing, meals, merchandise, conference, leadership books and material etc.

What are the rules of Overcomer Internship?
Overcomer Interns are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in our student handbook. To request a copy, please contact us at internships@overcomercc.org.

Who do I pay my tuition to?
All tuition payments will be made to Overcomer Covenant Church.

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