Limitless is a campaign to expand our campus, transform our community and change the world.

At Overcomer, we believe that it has always been the church’s job to impact the community and we are so excited to partner with you to do just that. This year, we want to help our community in ways we’ve never been able to before. With programs ranging from a neighborhood feed at Thanksgiving to teeming up with local ministries. We have several programs set to show our neighbors how much we love them. We hope that you will prayerfully join us as we embark on a journey toward connecting with our communities this year.

It has always been our heart to reach our community. We believe it has and always will be the role of the church to serve those around us. This year, we want to focus on expanding our reach into the community as well as strengthening and expanding our campus infrastructure. We want to help our community in ways we’ve never been able to before and we’ve thought up several strategic goals to help us do just that.

We want to help the poor and needy this year by expanding our already vital food bank, starting a neighborhood feeding during the holidays, and providing our members with important items to distribute to our regions growing homeless population. We would love to create forums where we can all discuss and implement solutions for homelessness as we work towards one of our goals of building an transitional living facility. We also want to multiply our presence in the local schools in order to help students, faculty, and staff with programs that empower students to be successful in athletics, arts and leadership development. Additionally, we would like to build a sewer system to assist both Overcomer and neighboring houses, providing much needed sewer access.

We want to build an Overcomer community center where people can come and feel safe and secure. We hope to turn Creekside into a café to provide a comfortable gathering place for all including civic and political leaders, firefighters, police officers, families, youth and young adults; a place where they can enjoy sports, karaoke, food, fellowship and fun. Lastly, we want to grow and begin planting new campuses throughout the northwest.

This is our vision this year: to become more and more the hands and feet of Christ to our neighbors and community. We hope that you will prayerfully join in as we embark together on that journey.






You're building a foundation for the future. For our campus, for our community and for the world.