What is the process for people interested in the Internship Program?

  1. Fill out a request for more information.
  2. Be available for a phone interview.
  3. After passing the phone interview an application and reference form for the Internship will be mailed to the applicant.
  4. After the application and reference forms are reviewed and approved, an interview will be scheduled.

Can I work a job while I am an Overcomer Intern?
Yes, it is encouraged! While in the program you will have at least two days off per week to work a part time job.

Can I live at home and still be an Overcomer Intern?
While in the Overcomer Internship program it is required that you live in our housing on campus.

Can I be in a relationship while being in the Overcomer Internship?
Overcomer Interns are permitted to be in a healthy dating relationship when they enter the program.

Does Overcomer Internship have age restrictions?
Overcomer Internship accepts students 18 and up.

How much does Overcomer Internship cost?
The cost for Overcomer Internship is $895 a month for a total of $9,845 a year. This charge covers the intern’s educational tuition, housing, meals, merchandise, conference, leadership books and material etc.

What are the rules of Overcomer Internship?
Overcomer Interns are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in our student handbook. To request a copy, please contact us at internships@overcomercc.org.

Who do I pay my tuition to?
All tuition payments will be made to Overcomer Covenant Church.